I Don’t Have A Lover : Rashmi Gautam

Next Nuvve Heroine Rashmi Gautam Latest HD Photos
Next Nuvve Heroine Rashmi Gautam Latest HD Photos

Jabardasth Anchor Rashmi Gautam started her career in big screen as a heroine friend in Telugu Movie Holi in 2002. Even though she has acted in many movies in big screen, she received fame because of Jabardasth

Rashmi Gautham, the sexiest face on small screen and silver screen, has made it clear that she is not in relationship with anyone at this moment. There have been rumors that she has been dating a TV artist including Sudigali Sudeer of Jabardasth fame.

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Jabardasth Anchor Rashmi Gautam Latest HD Photos
Rashmi Gautam Pics In Jabardasth Show
Rashmi Gautam Hot Photoshoot

Rashmi Gautam acted in some hit movies like Current, Evaraina Epudaina, Ganesh, Bindaas, Prasthanam, Guru, Guntur Talkies. She has received lot of good reviews for her acting skills in Prasthanam and Guntur Talkies.

Rashmi Gautham’s next movie is “Next Nuvve” starring Aadi, Srinivas Avasarala and Vaibhavi Shandilya in which she will be appearing mostly in sarees contrary to her Hot heroine image. But even in sarees, you can be Hot, she argues. We have seen her in Jabardasth in Sarees and it is safe to say that she is hot.

Rashmi Gautham lost her craze recently as her films have started fading after her hit film Guntur Talkies.

We wish her good luck for Next Nuvve Movie.

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